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Gyan Mudra Buddha Hand

Gyan Mudra Buddha Hand


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  • Gyan Mudra Buddha Hand
  • Size: ≈ 1.3” x 0.5” x 0.3” inches, Weight: ≈ 0.2oz, Material: Brass
  • Handcrafted with care in Thailand
  • Comes with a brown fabric starter necklace
  • The mudra of knowledge

  • Gyan Mudra Buddha Hand - The mudra of knowledge

    The Gyan Mudra pendant, a powerful hand gesture in Buddhist traditions that is believed to have various physical and spiritual benefits.

    healthy flow of prana

    The Gyan Mudra is formed by joining the tip of the index finger to the tip of the thumb, while the other three fingers remain straight. This hand gesture is also known as the "knowledge seal" or the "mudra of knowledge," and it is commonly used in meditation and yoga practices.

    This particular gesture or position, in the traditional science of yoga practitioner holds seated meditation postures, their resting hands form gyan mudra creatin an energetic seal, encouraging a healthy flow of prana (vital life force) and a balanced internal energy throughout the practice.

    joining the tip of the index finger to the tip of the thumb, while the other three fingers remain straight

    The Gyan Mudra is believed to have numerous benefits, including:

    1. Improving concentration and memory.

    2. Enhancing mental clarity and focus.

    3. Reducing stress and anxiety.

    4. Boosting the immune system.

    5. Stimulating the brain and nervous system.

    The Gyan Mudra pendant is a way to wear this powerful symbol and benefit from its energy throughout the day.


    deepen your spiritual practice

    Wearing the Gyan Mudra pendant is believed to help you stay focused and calm throughout the day, as well as enhance your mental clarity and memory.

    It can also serve as a reminder to practice meditation and yoga regularly to deepen your spiritual practice.

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