FAQ - Stars

How do I hang my star?

The star hangs from the cable, it doesn’t weigh a lot.
Hang it off a hook, window latch, thumbtack, whatever you find. 
For a secure installation you can loop the cable around itself or make an overhand loop knot.

Some of the wings of my star are not fully opened?

Our Starlights are made from Paper and are very forgiving if you go slow and take your time.  Sometimes uneven tension when opening them causes them to not fully extend.
You just need to gently prop the wing open from the inside or once the star is completely closed,
you can massage the points of the wings to get the paper to fully extend.

I’ve unpacked my star and noticed an odor. Is this normal?

Yes, some stars are made from silk screened papers. The odor is non-toxic and will disappear quickly once the star is fully opened and allowed to hang.

I’ve ripped my star, what can I do to still use it?

Depending on the rip or damage, we recommend using matte clear scotch tape to repair your star. You can also use a quick drying glue to repair rips and seams….paper stars are very forgiving 🙂

My Star is lit uneven.  How do I set the right distance for my LED bulb to hang inside the star?

On the instructions, the far right side has a mini ruler with a set measurement for the star you purchased. While your star is flat, simply reset your cable lock with this provided measurement…

I lost my instructions….?

You can easily download the instructions for your star here:


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