About us

Artschatz is the German and American team of Jonathan and Rebecca.

It’s meaning is a play with words, the English word “Art” or the German word “Art” (which is a type or kind of thing) and the German word “Schatz” (pronounced “shots”) meaning treasure or a term of endearment.

Artschatz presents types of treasures, art darlings, and products that spark joy.

Artschatz starlights come in all shapes and sizes from 5-19 pointers, 7 inches to 24 inch, many different colors and visual effects.
We have a close working relationship with a second-generation printmaker and artisan manufactory in India with whom we design and develop a broad range of beautiful stars that will transform any room and uplift the spirit.

Another product we carry is the wonderful smelling incense of Auroshikha. For fifty years this brand has been making all-natural powder and resin-based incense, using the finest ingredients of flower petals, herbs, wood, spices and pure essential oils.

Each year we travel to South East Asia to visit family (Jonathan’s Grandmother) and bring back a limited amount of spiritual and luck bringing amulets featuring Buddhas, Ganeshas, Shivas and other deities.