FAQ - Incense

I don’t have an incense burner, how should I burn my incense?

Incense requires a firm and fire proof base to burn in. We recommend a ceramic pot filled with sand to hold the incense while it burns and also catch the ash. A decorative cup, a potted planter should work. Please don’t leave incense burning unsupervised.

Dhoop stick packaging does come with a hole to hold Dhoop while it burns. We find this doesn’t  always work/ hold a Dhoop stick firmly. Please be aware you may need to burn it with the above mentioned option.

I’m very sensitive to perfumes and certain smells, I’d like to use incense but not sure if it will be too strong?

Auroshikha’s handmade incense are carefully crafted using all-natural powder and resin-based incense and the finest ingredients of flower petals, herbs, wood, barks, spices and pure essential oils to create a fragrance that is true to nature.

The resin based line offers a more subtle and lighter scent than most of the marbling series. We would suggest trying a sample pack of resin incense and see how you do.

The Padmini products are very pleasant as well but offer a stronger scent. 

Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to burn the whole incense stick at one time. You can still enjoy it burning a little at a time.