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Fornax 5 Point 24" Red with Gold Glitter

Fornax 5 Point 24" Red with Gold Glitter


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red with gold glitter highlights and orange, red, violet and purple tissues inlay

5 Pointer, Ø 24-inch depth, 10-inch

Fornax Paper Star Lantern

Latin for furnace and the name of a constellation, this red star’s intricate tissue paper and cutouts make it glow like a fiery forge.

Each handmade paper star comes with a pre-installed clear 12-ft cable, an energy saving LED bulb and a 5V AC Adapter.


Artschatz Star Lights stand out from all the rest because our stars are the only ones that hang symmetrically with the tip pointing up, (they hang like a traditional “Protective” or “Luck” bringing star).


Our pre-installed cable comes out of the point of the star ensuring that the star is hung properly and quickly ready for use. All other stars you see on the market have the cable coming out of the closing seam, causing the star to hang tip pointing down. 

We use the latest technology of thin cables with USB and AC adapters, our bulbs are energy efficient LEDs that use low wattage and don’t get hot.

These are handcrafted stars that provide a fair wage in a safe and ethical working environment. Each star is handmade, please embrace any possible imperfections and enjoy their beautiful appearance when lit!

Each Star is handmade in India and assembled here in New York, USA. Each star has been checked for quality and comes pre-wired with a clear 12-ft cable with on/off switch, an energy saving LED bulb and a 5V AC adapter.

We put a lot of thought and care into our products and try to assure the best quality.

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect Christmas gift

I have given these stars for Christmas gifts, and they are always greatly appreciated. I had to buy several for myself, though!!